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Dublin Style: Stunning Sisters

Judith (left) is wearing a mini, floral bodycon dress from ASOS and black ankle boots from PENNYS. Louise (right) is wearing bodycon skirt from TOPSHOP, boyfriend blazer from ZARA, a black ruffled bubble-print design top from LIMITED EDITION in NEW LOOK, pop socks from PENNYS and black ankle boots from KORKY'S (personally I think they're identical to the TOPSHOP ones!)

The Pics: some of the resulting pics from Life Mag Photoshoot

This spread turned out great. Such great exposure for my designs. The last shot is of the incredibly talented photographer, Maciej Pestka. The first two outfits are by Sean Byrne, the next two are by Evelyn Rouiller and the last four are my designs.

Behind the scenes: Life Magazine Photoshoot

We did this shoot a few months ago for The Irish Independent's Life Magazine. The shots were fantastic, really dark and brooding but I love these pics of the actual shoot itself. The clothing was designed by me and two great friends Evelyn Rouiller and Sean Byrne, two very talented designers that I hope to feature more later in my blog. The metal beaded jacket and champagne colored dress are my designs. The black ensemble and the metal dress with colored piping are by Evelyn Rouiller and the purple coat and black & blue dress are by Sean Byrne. Sorry about the blurred pics, my camera and the photographers equipment did not like eachother!!!

Lara Bohinc: statement piece

Last year I was delighted to reach the final of the Irish young fashion designer of the year awards, unfortunately I didn't win but I did receive some prize money for reaching the final...which I wisely invested in this fine piece of hardware!! I absolutely adore this piece by Lara Bohinc. I wanted it for years so I thought it was only fit to spend my hard earned winnings on something I would keep forever.

Marni from Milan: My fashion week souvenir

I picked up this Marni bracelet while in Milan for fashion week last September. Any excuse to get myself a little fashionable souvenir ;)

Jason's Fabrics London

I came across this shop completely by accident. Walking past the window I saw a stunning Versace fabric draped around a mannequin and Prada lace that was on the catwalks only weeks before!! When I went in I nearly had a coronary!! There were hundreds and hundreds of rolls of stunning silks that had been in the greatest designer collections in the world that very season. I got the most stunning Basso & Brooke
fabric and my friend got some amazing Pucci. Now the only question is, what should I make with it?
Jasons fabrics: 310-312 Edgware Road, London W2 1DY.

While I'm waiting for the Sun...

While I'm waiting for the sun to come out so I can wear my Louboutin wedges, this is the view from my window!! Yes...snow flakes the size of my hand. Shouldn't be complaining though, it is quite beautiful!

Waiting for the Sun

I can't wait for it to be warm out so I can wear these again!!

Jack Will's Dublin: Fantastic interior.

Jack Will's shop on Harry St. just off Dublin's Grafton Street is a relatively new shop with a very strong Abercrombie & Fitch vibe. It was a treasure trove of trinkets! With fire places filled with old books, jars piled high with everything from stickers to multicolored condoms and walls filled with framed vintage posters & photos. So much to look at, so little time!!

Dublin Style: cool androgyny


McQueen Label Will Continue!

It has been announced by Robert Polet, the president and chief executive of the Gucci group, that the Alexacnder McQueen label will continue!!

Gucci has owned the Alexander McQueen label since 2000. They have made a statement that a McQueen collection will be shown during Paris Fashion Week in March. Although Gucci did not release any specific plans for the future of the McQueen brand they do plan to continue financing it for the time being.

“There is an outstanding team at Alexander McQueen, a team that has enormous talent and energy and a passion that [Alexander] was extremely proud of, and so am I,” Mr. Polet said in a statement. It was also stated by the chief executive, Francois-Henri Pinault that "This is the best tribute we could offer".

Only time will tell if the Alexander McQueen label survives. I for one sincerely hope so.

If money were no object...

...I would own one of these in every color!!

Piercing Eyes

Just did this sketch of no one in particular. Hope you like! More to come.

My Fashion Diary: Part 3


The End Of an Era: R.I.P Alexander McQueen

A tragic end to an incredible life, Alexander McQueen was found dead in his home from apparant suicide on Thursday February 11th just one week after the death of his mother. It is a huge shock to hear about the loss of such a legend.

His death may also prompt Gucci, the group behind the Alexander McQueen brand, to close the label. Analysts speculated that without the designer who founded it, the label would not be profitable enough to survive. I hope that this is not true and that someone will continue the McQueen legacy.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan police said a post mortem examination on McQueen would be carried out on Monday and an inquest would open later in the week.

Interview with Designer Emma Manley

I am a huge fan of designer Emma Manley's new label Manley. Her use of contrasting fabrics and feminine silhouettes are incredibly flattering and luxurious. I already snatched up one of her dresses as soon as I had the chance and I highly recommend you doing the same!! I see big things for this lady.

When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?
Honestly I can’t pin point a certain day or time. Its not like a fairy tale where I woke up and knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Fashion was an industry I was brought up in. My Mum was a a fashion designer and I grew up watching her cut patterns and turn them into beautiful gowns. Id sit alongside her as she hand beaded the bodice of a wedding dress and hand her bead after bead thinking I was helping! When it came to deciding on a career, for me there was no decision to be made. I didn't even have to think about what I wanted to do.

What advice would you give to graduates trying to get into the fashion industr…