Behind the scenes: Life Magazine Photoshoot

We did this shoot a few months ago for The Irish Independent's Life Magazine. The shots were fantastic, really dark and brooding but I love these pics of the actual shoot itself. The clothing was designed by me and two great friends Evelyn Rouiller and Sean Byrne, two very talented designers that I hope to feature more later in my blog. The metal beaded jacket and champagne colored dress are my designs. The black ensemble and the metal dress with colored piping are by Evelyn Rouiller and the purple coat and black & blue dress are by Sean Byrne. Sorry about the blurred pics, my camera and the photographers equipment did not like eachother!!!


AMAZING clothes babe :)

Isn't the model the Cork girl from The Model Agent! :)
Anonymous said…
Wow great post! I can't believe how different the shots during and after are! Fantastic insight! Well done!
(sorry folks, I think I posted this on the post below by mistake!:) )

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