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Antique Hunting at Meeker Avenue

As anyone who follows my blog will know by now, I love rooting around in a good Flea Market! Although there isn't any jewelry or clothing at Meeker Flea Market there is still an abundance of incredible things to find from fabulous antique sewing machines and type writers to Samurai swords and worn leather saddles. And if you are looking for some great furniture then this is your place, prices were reasonable and pieces were quirky, unique & functional. I wish I had an excuse to buy some furniture!!!

The Crangi Family Project: Jewelry to Covet

This family run store is one of my favorite jewelry shops in New York. The Gothic looking hole in the wall space is filled with the most fantastically edgy and funky pieces all designed by the very talented Philip Crangi. Check out the link bracelet made out of antiqued brass railroad spikes, my favorite!!! The shop is located at No:9 9th Avenue right next door to Pastis restaurant in the Meatpacking District or check out the website:

Paint Me A River

An incredible explosion of modern pop art down in the meatpacking district. Lots of giant inspirational everyday objects such as the life size toy taxi cab or the enormous spilling paint can. An exhibition that would have made Warhol proud.

Share Your Lunch Projects

A good friend of mine has taken on the most incredible venture of selfless generosity and courage. At only 21 years of age, Olivia Marjoram has decided to take action and create an organization that will affect a positive change and make a difference in ending child hunger while promoting education. Help make a difference by logging onto her sight now to buy one of these adorable reusable cotton lunch box's for a mere $20 and provide 20 school meals for children in need.