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A Stroll Through Chinatown

While walking through Chinatown in the 100 degree heat, I was overwhelmed by all of the things to look at and even more so, all of the things to smell!!!

My new favourite bag by Aixa Sobin of Luscious Leather!

I popped into the Brooklyn market on North 6th between Berry & Bedford on Sunday and I hit the jackpot!!! I have been looking for a beautiful soft leather satchel style bag for a while and I was soooo blown away by the selection at designer Aixa Sobin's stall. All of her bags are hand made and hand sewn in New York. Ill do a full blog post on her bags soon. I'm going to go back and take lots of pics. But for now, here is the one I bought. Aixa sells her bags at the market every Saturday & Sunday so get there quick to pick up a piece of handbag art!!
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Inspired by Stripes

I am in the process of designing my next collection and one of my aims is to design a gorgeous slim fitting striped trouser!! Here are a few of my inspirations.

Wiggin' Out

I came across these images while browsing a blog a few months ago and saved them as inspiration!! The only problem is now I cant remember which show they were in. I love the structure and 20's feel to the wigs though, i may have to attempt to make a copy some time soon.

Murder City Devils on the Waterfront

Some great views, great style and great music at The Waterfront in Brooklyn last Sunday while listening to Murder City Devils.

Adam's Fancy Pants

My current obsession is sparkly trousers and these amazing ones from ADAM are next on my wish list!!!

Dancers in Bryant Park

If you ever need motivation to get in shape just check out the abs on these dancers!! Impressive!

Walk Williamsburg day out

I love the constant eclectic style you see on the streets of Williamsburg. Its a feast for the eyes and a great area to pick up a few vintage pieces to brighten up your own wardrobe!! Beacons Closet is a locals favorite and a real treasure trove!