Dublin Style: Stunning Sisters

Judith (left) is wearing a mini, floral bodycon dress from ASOS and black ankle boots from PENNYS. Louise (right) is wearing bodycon skirt from TOPSHOP, boyfriend blazer from ZARA, a black ruffled bubble-print design top from LIMITED EDITION in NEW LOOK, pop socks from PENNYS and black ankle boots from KORKY'S (personally I think they're identical to the TOPSHOP ones!)


Their ankle boots look identical! Gorgeous duo, I especially adore Louise's head piece :)

Just discovered your blog btw, and I love it!! I love the vibe, the interesting pictures, etc.

May Brady said…
Gorgeous floral mini-dress! I love outfits that are simple statements.

ellinelle said…
..they both look gorgeous .. Love the boots and legs : )

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