The Pics: some of the resulting pics from Life Mag Photoshoot

This spread turned out great. Such great exposure for my designs. The last shot is of the incredibly talented photographer, Maciej Pestka. The first two outfits are by Sean Byrne, the next two are by Evelyn Rouiller and the last four are my designs.


amazing clothes!!! ure a great designer!

xoxo jenna
Siobhan said…
Your designs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this
Shelby said…
OMG I love the tierd dress! Amazing.
Krizia said…
Those are your designs?
Wow, they're amazing!
Love it!

x Krizia
I'm Heraid said…
Wow these are great! You are very talented!
Tee Sea said…
LOVE the designs - the black and white photography really highlights the silhouettes and textures.

stop by my blogs!
Anonymous said…
The difference between the final results and the "behing the scenes" is striking!
Aisling said…
I heart Maciejs work! Love love LOVE the tiered dress. Ill have it, thanks!x
Mop Top Maven said…
You are amazing! I love your work!!
Mo said…
Nice shoot!!

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