Remarkable buildings of the World

Eden Project - England 

La Tete au Carre Library - Nice, France

Atomium - Brussels, Belgium 

Snail House - Sofia, Bulgaria

Nautilus House - Mexico

Habitat-67 (Apartment Complex) - Montreal, Canada 

Calakmul "The Washing Machine" building - Mexico

Montreal Biosphere - Montreal, Canada

Olympic Stadium - Montreal, Canada

Lotus Church - India 

Milwaukee Art Museum - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wood Skyscraper - Archangelsk, Russia

Stone house - Guimaraes, Portugal

 Mammy's Cupboard - Natchez, Mississippi, USA

National Library - Minsk, Belarus

Cubic Houses - Rotterdam, Netherlands

Alexandria Library - Alexandria, Egypt

Casa Pueblo - Maldonado, Uruguay

Denver Art Museum Denver, Colorado, USA

Graz Art Museum - Graz, Austria

Church of  Hallgrimur - Reykjavik, Iceland 

Le Palais Ideal - Hauterives, France

Gaudi's "Casa Battlo" - Barcelona, Spain

National Theater - Beijing, China

National Stadium - Beijing, China 

Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum near Niagara Falls, Canada

Palais Bulles - Cannes, France

Experience Music Project [Front View] - Seattle, Washington, USA

Experience Music Project [Rear View] - Seattle, Washington, USA

"The Gherkin" - London, England

Banpo Bridge - Seoul, Korea 

Dynamic Tower - Dubai, UAE 
[still under construction, each floor moves independently]

Wonder Works - Pigeon Forge, North Carolina

Longaberger Basket Building - Newark, New Jersey

Upside down house - Shimbark, Poland

Crooked house - Sopot, Poland

Tenerife Auditorium - Canary Islands, Spain

"The Bullring" - Birmingham, England

Public Library - Kansas City, Kansas, USA 

Edificio Mirador - Madrid, Spain 


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