rag & bone Party @ Saks 5th Avenue

In true rag & bone fashion the beers were flowing and the laughter was loud! If you weren't at Saks 5th Avenue last night, you missed out!! As well as the free beers there were foosball games with rag & bone owners, Marcus & David, head to toe rag & bone styling by Refinary 29 stylists as well as an exclusive giveaway. If you spent $350 or more you received a free, exclusive to the event, rag & bone scarf with a label signed right there and then by Marcus & David and sewn on by none other then yours truly!
Beers, foosball & exclusive rag & bone gifts...now thats my kinda party :)


Anonymous said…
AWESOME!!!! The foosball looks like fun ;)
Jenny Hope said…
Lucky you, looks like a blast!

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