Fashion Week Begins! John Patrick Organic Presentation.

I attended the John Patrick Organic presentation this morning in the Ace Hotel and to be honest I did not know what to expect. My experiences with organic 'Green' fashions have been limited and less then inspiring but the moment I spotted the divine yellow cotton blazer with matching shorts I knew I was done for...I now desperately want John Patrick's entire collection!!! Not only were the pieces magically ethereal and elegant but they were also timeless and wearable. Top on my shopping list is the nude pleated silk skirt, the yellow suit and the stunning tan trench...who am I kidding I just want it all!!!!!!!!


These shots are fabulous! Great post...
Lovely blog!
Follow you fallow me too!!!
Anonymous said…
Stunning clothing! Want it all.
Maeve Kidd said…
Gorgeous pieces, I love the floral dresses. Really great, thanks for sharing.

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