Build your own bike with Urban Outfitters

I absolutely love love LOVE this idea! You get to choose your own components, colors and design to create your own bespoke bike. I am a serious advocate of cycle chic and this is the ultimate way to look good while cruising around the city.
See the full gallery of pics and all the details on how to build your own bike on


i love this post.
thanks for the comment.
Heather said…
What a great idea!
BeBe said…
I've been been thinking about building a UO bike all summer!! Great post! i Love the all white/cream one!

you may like my new blog!!
Kory said…
I have been trying to convince my wife to get a bike since we live in the beach now. This should get her on board! Thanks
Zabrinah said…
Wow. I love the idea of this!!!!
And the bikes featured in this post are really cool! I love all the colors. I'm so shocked it's coming from Urban and not ... a bike shop!

But, I love it! I want to get one ... someday. It'll be great exercise for everyone!


Best wishes from one blogger to another,

nobz said…
jump from my blog.
nice blog!
i'm a biker in bk too:)


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