Pure Indulgence: Dion Lee

This is one of the richest most delicious looking collections I've seen in a long time!! The color palette and luxurious pleating draw me to it like a moth to a flame. Images taken from JAK & JIL BLOG.


Margaret said…
aaah don't get me started on dion lee. he has soooo much talent!
loving the blog
great posts!
stop by some time xx
Amazing images...great style...chic and fabulous!!!
Runway Rundown said…
Wow, this collection looks amazing. Such detail!!!

Emma Kate said…
Im totally in love with it xXx
corve said…
Love this collection
Anonymous said…
As an Australian I can say I have seen quite a lot of Dion Lee and was always interested but never really 'wowed' previously. Well I'm wow now! The pleating and overlapping looks amazing.

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