Lanvin Scarf Collection

I got this collection of vintage Lanvin scarves at an auction last year and I adore them!! I didn't see the scarves before I bid for them, a little risky but when I saw the range of amazing colours and prints I was thrilled. I also got 2 incredible Balenciaga ones which I will post a pic of soon.


May Brady said…
OMG these are amazing!! I have about 1,000 scarves in my collection ready to make cushion covers, but only one is Lanvin (black and white with birds) and I can't help but save it. You could frame a couple of these to display, they make beautiful artworks.
Oooh Thats a great suggestion!! I was planning on selling them on ebay but I dont know if I could part with them now.
ellinelle said…
..I addore scarfs ..and these ones are so beautiful ..I love how the silk scarf can change the outfit in seconds .. SCARVES are one of the best accesorize..
May Brady said…
Take some with you to NY and have them framed there - hey presto exquisitely decorated pad.
Mop Top Maven said…
Awesome collection of scarves! The first is my fav!
UnoCosa said…
what a treasure - a risk well worthy to take, xx

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