Goodbye Dublin...HELLO NEW YORK!!!!

After months of waiting and bureaucracy (evil evil word) I finally have my Visa for moving over to New York! I cant believe it is finally happening. I have booked my one way flight for this Wednesday. I am moving over to work as a design intern, the first step in following my dream of becoming a successful designer!! Well needless to say, my blog is going to take quite a turn from next week, for the better!!! So WATCH THIS SPACE :)


May Brady said…
That's so exciting, congratulations and good luck with the move!!
Fashion Chalet said…
ahh New York. I love it there, want to go back!

Mop Top Maven said…
CONGRATS!!!!!!! Embrace every moment of it!! I will live vicariously through you :-)
Oh thats amazing girl, congradulations hun :)

Oh how I'd love to be moving to New York :)
Thank you so much ladies!!

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