Sunday, April 18, 2010

New York Artifact Art

While browsing through the Columbus Street Flea Market last Sunday I came across the most wondrous stall. New York Artifact Art consists of hundreds of curiosities dug up from the 5 boroughs of New York. The genius behind the art is the wonderfully eccentric Scott Jordon who has been digging for New York's artifacts since 1969. He sells a wide range of artwork from collages displaying anything from one to hundreds of historic objects, shard pendants, wearable art, painted historic bottles and fine art (from still lifes of recoveries to primitive scenes of old New York). Check out or head to the Green Flea Market located on Columbus Avenue and West 76th & 77th.   I



I love new york...the street is life

Annabel said...

What a great inspiration!

Ugly Cute said...

love your blog!


CMA said...

LOVE the top hat
love your blog, keep it up
thanks for sharing, darling!


Anonymous said...

Amazing bottles!!!

My name is Sóla, icleandic lady that you took picture of couple of months ago! add me ! ;)

hope you are well!!!

Devon said...

The first picture is just brilliant x