Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lara Bohinc: statement piece

Last year I was delighted to reach the final of the Irish young fashion designer of the year awards, unfortunately I didn't win but I did receive some prize money for reaching the final...which I wisely invested in this fine piece of hardware!! I absolutely adore this piece by Lara Bohinc. I wanted it for years so I thought it was only fit to spend my hard earned winnings on something I would keep forever.


Poli said...

In spite of you havent' won, I think it's great that you took part in this contest!! wish you a luck and success, of course!)
now i'm trying to prduce some dresses to, but due to i haven't a designer and painting skills at all, i'm searching for right people, who would help me))))

Shannon said...

Great, great, great piece. So very cool!

whisty said...

Wow great post! I can't believe how different the shots during and after are! Fantastic insight! Well done!