Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sublime Celine

With Phoebe Philo holding the reigns, Celine has well and truly burst back onto the scene and become the label on everyone's lips. Philo's understanding of what the modern woman wants and her ability to develop that into a timeless, investment collection is astounding. Designers take note, this is what women want in their wardrobes!
Photographs from Jak & Jil blog. See all here:


Niki B. said...

i cant even really describe how much i love this collection. it's perfection. i saw an interesting post on the sartorialist about the celine woman vs. the louis vuitton woman. u should check it out! xo

Beautiful Streets said...

Thanks Niki. I actually did check it out already & I voted 100% for the Celine woman. x