Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Prabal Gurung at FIT

I was lucky enough to attend the Prabal Gurung talk in FIT lastnight & I really enjoyed it. He was humble, modest and down to earth but most of all he was an inspiration! He spoke of his hard work & putting in the time to get to where he is and how shocked he still is to receive praise. He looked around the auditorium in amazement when he first arrived, stating that he couldn't believe so many people would come "just" to hear him speak. Having worked in the fashion industry for nearly a decade, he is no stranger to the hard work and hours that come with the job and he gave great advice when he stated that if you are in fashion for the fame then you are wasting your time!

I was a fan of Prabal Gurung before but now I really feel a connection to the label having met the man himself. It was clear that he lives for fashion and strives to create timeless beauty. His own label may only be 3 seasons old but it has a clear aesthetic and would stand comfortably beside the likes of Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent or Givenchy.
Best of Luck Prabal, you deserve it!


Anonymous said...

I love his work, such a wonderful talent.

LoliTa said...

love the trainers and ellen covered in lights!


Anonymous said...

He is SO gorgeous...

Alan said...

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